Seats come in all shapes and sizes: A stool, an armchair, a daybed or a lounge chair that serves a functional purpose or strikes a pose as a sculptural piece that adds character to your home. Have a seat!

Cutter Bench/7.795 sek
Dania Stool/1.695 sek
Georg Stool/2.995 sek
Georg Stool/3.095 sek
Hven Armchair/6.295 sek
Hven Armchair/3.777 sek 6.295 sek
Hven Armchair/3.777 sek 6.295 sek
Miskito Lounge chair/15.695 sek
Royal Chair/3.295 sek
Turn Bench/2.597,50 sek 5.195 sek
Vent Stool/5.395 sek
Vester Chair/7.495 sek