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Virkelyst Set II 2.295 dkk

Set includes:

  • 1 x Virkelyst Chair
  • 1 x Virkelyst 3-seater
  • 1 x Virkelyst Table

Virkelyst is a collection of modern outdoor furniture with the seating comfort of indoor furniture. The simple wooden frames strikes a contrast with the thick, soft cushions. The upholstery fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified and extremely colour and lightfast as well as water and dirt-repellent and even mildew-resistant. The cushion is filled with airy fossflakes – an allergy-friendly polyethylene material which maintains its volume and shape. Use the table as a multifunctional piece as both a little side table, foot stool or a temporary seat when needed.

Please note that the rented furniture can be either new or patinated. Teak patinates beautifully over time and has the same value both new and used.

Total retail price: 37.485 DKK

Virkelyst Chair

Outdoor Textile / Charcoal
WxDxH: 75,5x83,5x65,5 cm / Seat H: 43 cm
Item no. R1505732
Virkelyst 3-seater

Outdoor Textile / Charcoal
WxDxH: 210x83,5x65,5 cm / Seat H: 43 cm
Item no. R1505784
Virkelyst Table

LxWxH: 75x70x30 cm
Item no. RS1505770
Material & product care
  • Proper usage and maintenance

    Proper usage and maintenance are vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

  • Teak

    Teak is commonly found in Southeast Asia, Central and South America. Our FSC-certified Teak comes from Central America, Brazil and Indonesia, while our non-certified Teak comes from plantations in Southeast Asia and Trinidad; managed to sustain a renewable and reliable supply of wood.

    Teak is a heavy, hard and sturdy type of wood. The high content of natural oils makes it highly weather and rot resistant and is therefore a good choice for outdoor furniture.

    Do a general cleaning when needed with a suitable wood cleaner and soft bristle brush. Rinse afterwards with clear water and let it dry. Note: Wipe off tables, benches and chairs after dinner and such with a dry cloth.

    As the wood is untreated, the surface will patinate over time and eventually turn into a beautiful silvery grey colour. The untreated wood is resistant to everyday wind and weather thanks to the high content of natural oils.

    During the rent period you are not allowed to use furniture oil or use any other kind of wood treatment on the furniture.

    Winter storage
    This product is usable in all weathers, all year round. However, if you want indoor storage during the winter months, it is advisable to store the furniture in an unheated room such as a garage or a cellar.

    Indoor use
    The wood has been dried for outdoor use. Hence, if you wish to use the furniture indoors it may need to be re-tightened once in a while.

  • Outdoor Textile

    Agora Panama is Oeko-Tex certified and solution-dyed acrylic fabrics used for upholstering our cushions and pillows. The acrylic fibre creates a synthetic but cotton-like fabric with world-class features for outdoor usage, making it:

    - Extremely colour and lightfast
    - Water and dirt repellent
    - Free from harmful substances
    - Mildew-resistant

    Washing instructions
    Wipe the fabric with a firmly wrung cloth. In case of more obstinate stains, remove the upholstery and machine wash it at 30° C. If the upholstery is not removable, the textile must only be washed with a wrung cloth.

  • Fossflakes

    Fossflakes is a 100 % pure and hypoallergenic polyethylene known for its superb ability to trap air between the flakes and maintain its volume and shape over time. In addition, Fossflakes are good at regulation temperature since the filling materials allow air to circulate within the cushion.

    If the cushion is exposed to heavy rain, we recommend placing the cushions upright for quicker drainage. Be sure the cushion is entirely dry before storing it away for the winter.