Showcase or conceal your valuable belongings like books, objects or souvenirs in a flexible shelving system, or use our different solutions that are ideal for functional storage of everything from coats and scarves to wineglasses and office supplies.

Cutter Mini Wardrobe/2.995 nok
Cutter Wardrobe/6.395 nok
Dania Letter Tray/1.595 nok
Jut Cabinet/26.995 nok
Jut Cabinet/22.495 nok
Jut Cabinet/26.995 nok
Nomad Letter Tray/819 nok
Nomad Pen Holder/409 nok
Nomad Tray/699 nok
Nomad Tray/519 nok
Norr Carrier/1.099 nok
Norr Carrier/1.295 nok