Nordic Tray Ø30 / 999 nok

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Designed by VE2

Nordic Tray is a beautiful and simple tray with a Nordic look. The circular shape and high edges make it perfect for bowls and dishes, and invites you to serve fresh fruit, cheese or charcuterie. Small rubber feet are placed under the tray, which gives it a floating expression and makes it easy to lift up from the table.

FSC 100%
ØxH: 30x3,5 cm
Item no. 1600315
WxDxH: 31,5x30,5x4,5 cm
Weight: 0,85 kg
Material and care
  • Proper usage and maintenance

    Proper usage and maintenance is vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

  • Oak

    Oak grows in most temperate zones. The Skagerak oak comes from European forests and is either 100% FSC certified or FSC mix certified, supporting sustainable forest management. The selection of the wood is extremely careful and all processing is by hand, so that only the best and most durable pieces of wood are used in production.

    Oak is a sturdy and hardwearing type of wood containing natural tannings that will protect against bacterial growth. Combined with its light, elegant colour and well-defined grains, this makes oak wood safe choice for high-quality interior and accessories.

    The wood comes with no finish. If you choose not to treat it with soap or oil, use a suitable cleaning agent for wood.

    As the wood is untreated it may be affected by grease and colorants. For this reason, we recommend saturating the wood with soap or a suitable furniture oil to make it more resistant. If you wish to use soap or oil, use a suitable product. Be aware that the wood will change colour when applying soap or oil.

    Your new oak product is not suitable for dishwasher.

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About the designer / VE2

The design duo VE2 is two creative individuals: Hugo Dines Schmidt and Morten Lauritzen. In the interface between form and space, the ambition is to create cohesion via characteristic and aesthetic designs with a clear functional justification. They find their inspiration in everyday life, the people in it, and their drive to make it better. Separately and together they weigh up the good in life in general and the design studio in particular. And they are on the move and yet very much present in the now at one and the same time. They unwind and enjoy life.

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