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Life is a dynamic process, and nowadays we change surroundings and settings more frequently than ever. Families expand, split up and merge in new constellations. Young people move away from home, couples move abroad for new opportunities, and families leave the city to settle in the countryside. The furniture and designs we once cherished become obsolete or insufficient at some point in our lives – even though the quality and function remains impeccable.

At Skagerak we are dedicated to the products we create and to ensuring their long lifespan. That is why we invented Reclassic. Reclassic is Skagerak’s new sustainable initiative. The idea is not new, just common sense, as most grandparents would agree, because it is about maintaining and caring for your furniture. Furniture that is built and designed to last a lifetime and should be allowed to do so.

Reclassic is another way to enter the orbit of maintenance and sustainability, as we let you return your old furniture in exchange for a new purchase. When you buy a new piece of furniture you can sell it back to us years later, provided it has been well maintained.

‘We want to make it easier to pass furniture on to the next generation. What has become an old classic for one person can become a Reclassic for someone else,’ says Jesper Panduro, owner and CEO of Skagerak.

Reclassic is Skagerak’s take-back guarantee and a further incentive for you to care for your furniture as a way of protecting the environment by prolonging the lifespan of your Reclassic in a new home.

How to sell your vintage Skagerak:

Bring your vintage Skagerak furniture to the Skagerak Store at Indiakaj in Copenhagen, where an experienced staff member will assess and price your piece, based on its condition, up to 50% of today’s retail price.

For the price of your Skagerak vintage piece – stools, side tables and indoor and outdoor furniture – you can make a new Skagerak purchase in the Skagerak Store or donate 50% of the total amount to charity. We do not pay cash for your Reclassic but exchange it for a new Skagerak piece or a charity donation.

If you live far away from our Copenhagen shop, please send us detailed images of your vintage piece by email that we can use to assess and evaluate the condition. All vintage furniture must be delivered or sent to the Skagerak Store at Indiakaj, where our workshop is located and where the final pricing is determined once we have reviewed the piece first-hand.

All Reclassic furniture is restored by the Skagearak team and re-sold together with the story of the piece in question: its former home, heritage and so forth. In other words, we exchange old classics for new, so that you can leave our shop with a contemporary piece that suits your new needs, while others can buy and enjoy your Reclassic for many years to come.

That is Reclassic: a win-win-win for the world, for the climate and for you.

Please bring your Reclassic to the Skagerak Store at Indiakaj or email us detailed images at

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