Beach Tennis Balls, 3 pcs. / 14 eur

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Designed by Aurélien Barbry

Set of 3 rubber balls for Beach Tennis.

Rubber / Dark green
Ø: 5,5 cm
Item no. 1994002-2
WxDxH: 7x20x7 cm
Weight: 1,34 kg

About the designer / Aurélien Barbry

“I think design is an exercise where you take the simplest things in your daily life and ask yourself how they could be done differently.”

Born and raised in Paris, Aurélien Barbry is a product of the French design school and thought. However, having always been attracted by the Scandinavian culture, Aurélien moved to Copenhagen in 2007 to set up his design studio and find inspiration in new setting and collaborations. Attached to the social and cultural value of the design, Aurélien want to move objects towards simplicity and obviousness – inviting to dialogue and interaction with the end user.

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