Skagerak & design duo Included Middle partner up

The Danish design duo has entered into a committed and exclusive partnership with Skagerak for the next ten years to create innovative furniture originals.

What happens when the mutual goal is to do what’s best for both of you? What happens when a company provides the best opportunities for their designers to enable them to express themselves freely and focus meticulously on creating original designs? What happens when designers perform at their absolute best to invent new products that will help the company grow and evolve?

The questions above form the underlying ambition of the contract that Included Middle and Skagerak entered into almost two years ago, and which so far has resulted in several new furniture pieces.

Included Middle consists of the two successful women textile designer Margrethe Odgaard and furniture designer Chris L. Halstrøm, who engaged in a collaboration for an exhibition a few years back. They soon discovered that their two different skill sets gave rise to a third dimension – a new common playground where form, function, colour and pattern supported each other and created a new language. The four elements now represent the dogmas that frame the design work of Included Middle, as they have decided that all four elements must be addressed in their objects.

Reykjavik Daybed is inspired by the colours and distinctive architecture on Iceland. Change the colour balance by flipping over the mattress . A stunning design for your living room or hallway.
Iota Blanket is a sublimely soft woolen blanket with a minimalist expression. The design is inspired by the uppercase and lowercase versions of Iota, the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet, creating a visual image altogether that reinterprets the classic check pattern.

The collaboration results in at least one object a year. Ten years from now, it is envisioned to have resulted in a furniture collection which tells the story about a commercial furniture brand that entered into an artistic and successful collaboration that generated valuable insights for both parties without losing money. This partnership format is highly unconventional in the design business and hence interesting to keep an eye on, as the main goal is not to produce commercial furniture but rather to invent experimental pieces. As part of the agreement, Included Middle will not work with other Danish design brands during the ten-years partnership period.

Included Middle has already gained international recognition and received numerous praise and awards for their design for Skagerak with especially the Reykjavik Daybed, inspired by Islandic architecture and colour combinations, and the shelving system Vivlio with its minimal expression and huge flexibility.

The duos latest invention is Gerda – a series of edgy outdoor furniture inspired by Danish weaver frontrunner Gerda Henning, Danish summer nights and camp-site aesthetics interpreted in a clean and minimal composition in powdercoated aluminium that have been pattern perforated in dark colour shades.

Skagerak’s new Gerda series is inspired by the iconic chequered tablecloth with references to the many magical summer nights spent outdoors around Denmark.
The duo has found a way to reinterpret textile patterns and the Nordic campsite-atmosphere in a new and modern expression.

"We wish to explore the Nordic as a concept; the craft and the original style and how they affect the consumer in a positive way"
- Included Middle

Included Middle explains: “Skagerak is a company that has worked with quality for more than 40 years – both when it comes to design, production and to relations with people and the environment. In our new partnership we wish to explore those values by developing products and events that explore the Nordic as a concept; the craft and the original style and how they affect the consumer in a positive way.”