The Skagen collection is one of our most iconic series, known for its elegant yet solid look. Named after the Northern tip of Denmark, Skagen draws references to a late 19th century ambiance when many of Denmark´s most famous painters and writers were staying in the area. Pair our Skagen Bench and Skagen Chair with our matching cushions.

Skagen Bench/699 eur 955 eur
Skagen Chair/379 eur 519 eur
Skagen Table/745 eur 999 eur
Skagen Bench/879 eur 1.239 eur
Skagen Chair/499 eur 699 eur
Skagen Set/2.679 eur 3.902 eur
Skagen Set/2.135 eur 2.992 eur
Skagen Table/899 eur 1.265 eur