Spice up your kitchen with our range of kitchen items – designed to make everyday life a bit easier. From our easy to bring along Norr series to our classic Dania Boxes in different sizes – made to suit different needs.

Loop Trivet/22 eur 55 eur
Loop Trivet/27,60 eur 69 eur
Loop Trivet/30 eur 75 eur
Norr Carrier/49,50 eur 99 eur
Pantry Bread Box/169 eur
Plank Square Trencher, 4 pcs./29,50 eur 59 eur
Plank Square Trencher, 4 pcs./34,50 eur 69 eur
Stripes Tea Towel, 3 pcs./16,50 eur 33 eur