Brut Side Table / 244,50 eur 489 eur

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Designed by TAF

This Brut Table is a part of the Blue Collection – a limited edition. Brut table was born under the theme ‘petit’ which is easily recognized in its elegant and slender composition. Blank brass feet give the table a slightly exalted character. Despite Brut’s flimsy appearance and proportions, the heaviness of the powder coated steel makes the table rock solid and versatile in its usage.

Steel / Royal Blue
LxWxH: 60x48x47 cm
Item no. 1840002
WxDxH: 65x50x6,5 cm
Weight: 6,8 kg
Brut Side Table/244,50 eur 489 eur
Brut Side Table/244,50 eur 489 eur
Brut Side Table/244,50 eur 489 eur

About the designer / TAF

"Our real inspiration is our collaboration with the manufacturers. Good teamwork produces a great result – and groups are often more interesting than individuals." TAF is an architecture studio. TAF is a graphic zoom on the family name Gustafson. TAF is French slang for work. TAF is Mattias Ståhlbom and Gabriella Gustafson, who founded the studio in the Södermalm district in Stockholm, Sweden.

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