Our range of dining tables are made to fit different needs – from our foldable Picnic Table and Selandia Table, perfect for the small terrace or balcony, to our classic Drachmann Table or Ballare Table, ideal for many guests.

Picnic Table/729 eur
Picnic Table/729 eur
Picnic Table/729 eur
Reform Table/1.239 eur
Selandia Table/2.499 eur
Selandia Table 147/1.045 eur
Selandia Table 75/699 eur
Selandia Table Ø94/985 eur
Skagen Table/745 eur 999 eur
Vendia Table Ø75/335 eur 449 eur
Ballare Table/2.799 eur
Flux Table/745 eur