Set the table with quality pieces and the food will inevitably taste better. Use different elements in different materials to make an informal take on the formal concept.

Hammer Decanter/55 eur
Nordic Bowl Ø20/34,50 eur 69 eur
Nordic Bowl Ø24/34,50 eur 69 eur
Nordic Bowl Ø32/54,50 eur 109 eur
Nordic Jar/21 eur 42 eur
Nordic Jar, 2 pcs./27,50 eur 55 eur
Nordic Jug 0,4L/22,50 eur 45 eur
Nordic Jug 1,0L/29,50 eur 59 eur
Nordic Plate, 2 pcs./24,50 eur 49 eur
Piippu Milk Jug/15,60 eur 39 eur
Piippu Slow Brewer/50 eur 125 eur
Piippu Sugar Bowl/19,60 eur 49 eur