Our first bench, The Drachmann Bench, was launched in 1982. Since then we have crafted a wide range of high quality benches, classic as well as modern – please also take a look at our cushions made especially for our benches.

Cutter Bench/5.195 dkk
Drachmann Bench 120/8.495 dkk
Drachmann Bench 165/10.495 dkk
Drachmann Bench 165/11.495 dkk
Drachmann Bench 200/12.495 dkk
Drachmann Bench 200/14.995 dkk
England Bench 152/7.295 dkk 10.495 dkk
England Bench 180/7.995 dkk 11.495 dkk
Lilium Bench/5.995 dkk
Overlap Bench/8.995 dkk
Reform Bench/5.695 dkk
Reform Bench/5.695 dkk