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Designed by Included Middle

Named after the inspiring and historical front runner in Danish weaving Gerda Henning, Skagerak’s new Gerda series is inspired by the iconic chequered tablecloth with references to the many magical summer nights spent outdoors around Denmark. By transmitting its form and pattern on to a metal construction with a perforated surface, the duo has found a way to reinterpret textile patterns and a Nordic campsite-atmosphere in a new and modern expression. The colours of the stool are likewise representing the melancholic, infinite depth of the Nordic sky that never darkens completely during summer.

Aluminum / Royal Blue & Pebble Grey
WxDxH: 38x33x45 cm / Seat H: 45 cm
Item no. 1090002
WxDxH: 37x42x48 cm
Weight: 5,5 kg
Material and care
  • Proper usage and maintenance

    Proper usage and maintenance is vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

  • Powder coated Aluminum

    Powder coating is a high-quality and dry finishing process which makes is possible to create a thicker and more streamlined surface than with conventional liquid paint. To coating is applied on the super light-weight aluminum in order to reduce the risk of impact from moisture, UV, scratches and corrosion.

    Use a soft brush with soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth. Note: Do not use abrasive pads or abrasive cleaning agents as this may harm the surface.

    Although sturdy and resistant, powder coated aluminum is not invincible, and scratches in the coating can appear. To prolong the life of your product, we recommend to recoat the scratches immediately with our special touch-up paint.

    Winter storage
    The product is usable in all types of wind and weather, all year round. However, during wintertime, it is advisable to store the furniture in an unheated room such as a garage or cellar.

Gerda Table 75/5.995 dkk/Gerda Stool/2.995 dkk
Gerda Table 75/5.995 dkk/Gerda Stool/2.995 dkk

About the designer / Included Middle

Take a furniture designer (Chris L. Halstrøm) and a textile designer (Margrethe Odgaard) and place them in the same room. Now ask them to define a project. That is more or less how this unique design-duo Included Middle began their collaboration. ‘Since we come from two quite different professions our dogma is that both areas should be present in our products. Form, function, pattern and colours affect each other mutually when we work. As Included Middle we almost become a third person, who creates objects based on all four parameters.’

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