Maissi Bench / 7.995 dkk

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Designed by Wesley Walters & Salla Luhtasela

Round yet edgy. Maissi is an artistic two-person bench inspired by the handrails from old stairs and industrial machinery. The narrow style and clean cuts make it perfect for welcoming guests in the hallway or as an extra seat in the living room. 

Oil Oak
FSC 100%
WxDxH: 103x47,5x78 cm / Seat H: 45 cm
Oil treatment
Item no. 1480080-3
WxDxH: 105x50x80 cm
Weight: 12,5 kg
Material and care
  • Proper usage and maintenance

    Proper usage and maintenance is vital for getting the most out of the valuable resources we have. Our designs are made to last for generations, but just like everything else, they need a little care to get there.

  • Oil Treated Oak

    Oak with the botanical name Quercus spp. grows in most temperate zones. Skagerak oak comes from European forests.

    Oak is a sturdy and hardwearing type of wood. Furthermore, the Skagerak oak is FSC 100 % certified or FSC Mix certified. The selection of the wood is extremely careful and all processing is done by hand, so that only the best and most durable pieces of wood are used in production. Oak contains tannins which reduces bacterial growth in the wood.

    Cleaning and Maintenance
    Your new product comes with an oil treatment. For daily cleaning, use a damp cloth. Spills are to be removed immediately to minimize risk of spots.
    Oil treated products are to be retreated from time to time to keep the protective layer on the surface and maintain the aesthetic qualities from the oil.
    For future treatment, use a suitable oil treatment product and follow the enclosed instructions carefully. Avoid contact of the oil with other materials to avoid spots and marks. If you wish to change the treatment of your product, the previous treatment must be removed completely before applying a new. Always follow the specified safety instructions of the treatment product and use the recommended personal protective equipment.

Maissi Bench/6.995 dkk
Maissi Bench/6.995 dkk
Maissi Bench/6.995 dkk
Maissi Bench/6.995 dkk

About the designer / Wesley Walters & Salla Luhtasela

Wesley Walters & Salla Luhtasela also known as Studio Kaksikko are indeed a hybrid design constellation, where Nordic and American and Asian inspiration and traditions come together to give rise to new products and furniture. The duo met at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Before that, Salla studied to be a confectioner, and Wesley studied East Asian languages and worked as a Japanese interpreter on film sets. It was here, surrounded by architecture and set designs, that Wesley’s fascination with design was lit.

After teaming up at the university in Helsinki they established a joint studio in Finland, creating objects and furniture in a minimalist expression that is both new and old. New because of their mixed international background and eye for modern details, and old because of their fascination with and interest in traditions, techniques and old crafts, where they derive hands-on experience from 1:1 mock-ups that gives them a broad, eye-opening and concrete grasp of tactility, materials and functionality.

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