Spice up your kitchen with our range of kitchen items – designed to make everyday life a bit easier. From our easy to bring along Norr series to our classic Dania Boxes in different sizes – made to suit different needs.

Edge Salad Servers/325 dkk
Norr Bread Box/1.245 dkk
Norr Carrier/665 dkk
Norr Carrier/725 dkk
Norr Paper Towel Holder/475 dkk
Norr Paper Towel Holder/415 dkk
Reflect Bookend/187,50 dkk 375 dkk
Coquo All-Purpose Spoon/47,50 dkk 95 dkk
Coquo Soup Spoon/47,50 dkk 95 dkk
Coquo Spatula/47,50 dkk 95 dkk
Coquo Spoon/47,50 dkk 95 dkk
Dania Box/725 dkk