Cutting Board Production

Skagerak have a long tradition for high quality cutting boards. The Dania and Sild collection undertakes a long production process in order to create the best quality.

Our Dania and Sild cutting boards are constructed of teak slats primarily made of left-over teak from our furniture production. We carefully select each slat by hand to create the most beautiful cutting board.
All the teak slats are then glued together. Right after the cutting board are put into a pressure machine and afterwards they are processed into the final design. In the final step the cutting boards gets oiled and set to dry.
Hven Table 190 / 21.995 dkk / Hven Extension Plate / 3.495 dkk / Hven Armchair / 4.495 dkk / Hven Bench / 5.495 dkk
However, if necessary clean the product using lukewarm or soapy water and wipe with a dry cloth. Be aware that terracotta can be fragile, so take care when moving the item around.

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