Christmas Chopping

One of the most essential elements in our kitchen series is our cutting board collection, which has been part of our history for 40 years. This Christmas we celebrate our long history of making high-quality cutting boards with a special, time-limited offer!

Free gift for you! Buy any cutting board in December, and you will
receive Sild Trencher as a Christmas gift.

Soft Board
We do cutting boards

Our cutting boards vary in size, material and design and are equally suited for the kitchen as well as the dinner table. Each one is made in the same high quality as our furniture – rounded or angular, soft or hard and they are all made to stand the test of time.

We have been producing cutting boards since 1978.
A collection of our cutting boards

"The wooden cutting boards from Skagerak possess the high level of quality I grew up with in the butcher shops. They are beautiful and multi-functional, so I use them both as chopping boards and as serving platters." - Butcher and chef Michael Museth

Each cutting board is made in the same high quality as our furniture – made to last a lifetime if you treat it nice. Go for one of our classic Dania Cutting Boards or one of our modern versions.

We do cutting boards