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Yanagihara's Studio in Osaka

Red Alert: Cutter Turns 20

The Bright Light of Can Lis


The Table Project

1616 / Arita Japan - All the Way to Paris - Teruhiro Yanagihara - Skagerak

Skagerak & design duo Included Middle partner up

The Danish design duo has entered into a committed and exclusive partnership with Skagerak for the next ten years to create innovative furniture originals.

Skagerak Reclassic

How to sell your vintage Skagerak

Outdoor Care and Maintenance guide - teak

How to clean your outdoor furniture:

The home of Skagerak

Welcome to the home of Skagerak owners Jesper and Vibeke Panduro.

Karstad summer cabin life

Meet the Karstad family of six in their summer cabin escape in Tisvildeleje...

Souvanni’s garden

Meet Danish artist Souvanni Asmussen in her childhood garden which became her own garden 16 years ago...

Skagerak Island Stories 2018 Bornholm

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The Ice Cream Kalas / Island Stories 2018

Ice cream from organic and local ingredients – Sandvig, Bornholm.

Island Stories 2018 / The Ceramics Factory

In the town of Nexø, Bornholm has its own ceramics factory run by 19 creative enthusiasts with a burning passion for local and responsible production.

The Plantation / Island Stories 2018

For Bertil Ekstrøm, the green plantation is not just a vision of growing organic and sustainable vegetables for many of Bornholm's best restaurants. It also serves as the framework for a fantastic socio-economic project, creating hope and meaning for all parts involved.

Island Stories 2018 / Mikkel Karstad

How does Bornholm taste?

Island Stories 2017 / Sysne Udd

Island Stories 2017 / The Wild Nature of Hamra

Island Stories 2018 / Gudhjem

A house inspired by the low-key architecture of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is standing on the bedrock of Gudhjem.

Island Stories 2017 / Lauritse Farm, Boge

Island Stories 2017 / Faludden

At Faludden in southern Gotland stands an old mill, where Maria and her sister have a shared place to shelter in the midst of nature.