Souvanni’s garden

Meet Danish artist Souvanni Asmussen in her childhood garden which became her own garden 16 years ago...

Souvanni Asmussen and her daughter Iris on Riviera Sunbed.

16 years ago a dream came through to Danish artist Souvanni Asmussen as she took over her childhood home in Dronningens Kovang in Fredensborg. With Fredensborg Palace as neighbor and Esrum Lake in the backyard this is the perfect green oasis and a great contrast to the city where she also seeks inspiration.

“Nature is very important to me - I need the silence,” says Souvanni.

Souvanni still remembers how she used to play in the garden as a child: “I have so many good childhood memories from this garden. I almost lived out here and made secret hideouts everywhere. My favorite place was called Little Christiania - a place which I made out of old trash. My parents always knew where they could find me.”

“I like the contrast between digging in the soil and gathering inspiration in the city. To me it is the perfect balance.”

Mira Chairs and armchairs in Hunter Green and Slate Grey.
Close up on Riviera Sunbed, which has developed a beautiful patina over the years.
Edge Pots in terracotta is one of Souvanni´s favourites thanks to the material and characteristic shape, easy to mix with other pots.

From the foot of the garden runs the Esrum Lake and Souvanni often go for a swim, drink her coffee at the bathing jetty or even go for a small boat trip with her family. “Nature is very important to me - I need the silence,” says Souvanni.

Garden with a view! - and Between Lines Deck Chair, which Souvanni is a great fan of as it has the perfect shape for relaxation.

“I love to listen to the threes whispering - I can easily differ between the sound of an elm tree and a birch tree. I think it is part of my dna.”

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