We Do Benches

Join us for 3 Days of Design 24-26 May.

The bench is a wonderfully versatile piece of furniture – and we’ve made a virtue out of crafting it for more than four decades. Since our first bench was launched in 1982, we’ve constantly been rethinking it and coming up with new designs. That’s why we have a diverse collection of benches today – with old and new ones living side by side in harmony.

For this coming 3 Days of Design, we celebrate the bench with a curious exhibition of our many models – presented in new ways you’ve never seen them before.

Come celebrate with us!
On Saturday 26 we have a special event where you can enjoy an ice cream and a lemonade from Bornholm in one of our benches while we get ready for twist-bread and grilling marshmallows in the garden!

Skagerak Store
Indiakaj 2, Copenhagen
24-25 May 10.00-17.30
26 May 11.00-16.00

Have a seat!