Popping up on Bornholm

Rudolph Care // Stilleben // Skagerak pop-up shop!

We’ve always had a weakness for Denmark’s very own ‘Sunshine Island’. The rocky landscape, long coasts, cosy cities, warm-hearted people, unique gastronomy and traditional crafts.

That’s why we’re now moving out of our Copenhagen comfort zone and into the beautiful summer land of Bornholm. To live out our island dreams from a laid-back pop-up shop in the heart of Gudhjem.

From here, we’ll be welcoming Danish and foreign tourist as well as all Islanders with a wide selection from each of our universes of wonderful summer goods. Exclusive sunscreens, parasols, jewellery, garden furniture, textiles, jugs, vases and pots.

We open up Monday on the 2nd of July, 12 noon.

Open all days from 11am to 5pm until August 11.

We look forward to see you on
Brøddegade 34, 3760 Gudhjem

Summer greetings
Rudolph Care, Stilleben & Skagerak