Add a Nordic touch to your home with our minimalistic and functional Nordic collection. Go for our Nordic Tableware in white porcelain or our teak or oak accessories which will make everyday life a little bit easier.

Nordic Tray Ø30/99 eur
Nordic Tray Ø45/175 eur
Nordic Bowl Ø20/34,50 eur 69 eur
Nordic Bowl Ø24/34,50 eur 69 eur
Nordic Bowl Ø32/54,50 eur 109 eur
Nordic Jar/21 eur 42 eur
Nordic Jar, 2 pcs./27,50 eur 55 eur
Nordic Jug 0,4L/22,50 eur 45 eur
Nordic Jug 1,0L/29,50 eur 59 eur
Nordic Plate, 2 pcs./24,50 eur 49 eur