A very meaningful Honorary Award

But what does it mean?

Honorary Award of Danish lifestyle magazine Mad & Bolig (Food & Housing)

In November we celebrate and that for a good reason. Skagerak had the honour of receiving the Honorary Award of the Danish lifestyle magazine Mad & Bolig, which can be directly translated to Food & Housing. The award is given to a company that dares to make a difference in sustainable design and production.

"This award is particularly meaningful to us, as it confirms that our mantra of behaving properly, having respect and taking responsibility makes a positive difference. We have received the award for doing what we do at Skagerak." / Jesper Panduro, CEO and owner, Skagerak Denmark.

"Sustainability is a tendency that once was reserved for the idealists, but is now a minimal requirement for consumers. Sustainability, together with transparency and credible storytelling, means more and more for future consumers. In short, consumers want responsibly produced products and not idle talk." / Editor in Chief, Mad & Bolig, Ulla Johanne Johansson

Proud award-winners Vibeke & Jesper Panduro, owners of Skagerak Denmark.

We believe in responsible consumption and production and in design that rests on an ethical and sustainable foundation.

Skagerak uses FSC-certified wood which means that the workers never fell more trees than the forest can reproduce and the biodiversity of the woods is preserved. FSC also means that the forestry workers are treated respectfully and have proper working conditions, just as FSC supports and cares for the local community. Quality is about staying power. We firmly believe that and want to help change the way we use furniture. Let’s choose less but better furniture that lasts a lifetime.