Skagerak to present its first-ever cabinet

Please allow us to introduce the new Jut Cabinet – the very first of its kind in our indoor collection.

Jut is developed in collaboration with the British designer Thomas Jenkins – now living in the Norwegian capital Oslo. By placing the round legs on the outer corners of the cabinet, Jenkins wants to bring a negative space to the piece while enabling an interplay with light and shade. This also conceals the brass-handles which are aligned right under the table top.

We have come together with Jenkins in this project based on a shared vision to make functional and durable objects that people can live with for a very long time. To Jenkins, the key is to find the right balance: ‘It needs to have enough presence that you grow attached to it, but not too much that you lose interest over time.’

Crafting Jut Cabinet has therefore been an exercise in keeping things simple while making it extraordinary and durable at the same time.

To do so, we’ve chosen a base of oiled oak wood for the cabinet with a table top in either oak as well or Spanish black marble with a vivid structure of light veins.

Jut Cabinet is available in stores and online primo September, 2018.

Download images here:

Material: Oiled Oak
LxWxH: 126x39x74 cm
Price: Oak top 1.999,00 EUR

Material: Oiled Oak & Marble
LxWxH: 126x39x74 cm
Price: Marble top 2.399,00 EUR