No winter lasts forever;

No spring skips its turn

We are proud to reveal a brand-new generation of benches, tables, chairs and stools to our outdoor collection – as always in a magnificent and raw mix of hardwearing materials drawing references to both nature and industry.
In this year’s generation, we’ve especially focused on designing versatile solutions for the many types of outdoor space. The urban backyard, slim balconies, gardens, and the beach – the grey, the green and the blue.

Take a scroll and see it for yourself!

Plank Bench

A light, airy and playful bench crafted from FSC-certified teak. From the top of the backrest runs two horizontal planks, ideal for placing a glass of wine, small flowerpots or a lantern at night. A dark blue and weatherproof cushion adds a final touch of comfort to the bench. (comes separately).

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Reform Bench and Table

Classical, but still its own. Metal, but still soft in its expression. Sturdy and stable, but still a lightweighter. Made from matte, powder coated aluminum, the shiny fittings on each side of Reform functions as a subtle, graphic detail. Long, thin grooves in the middle help water run through in case of rain.

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Reform Bench and Table, Teak

Light, powder coated aluminum meets untreated teak. This metal/wood version brings together industrial and natural elements in a classic design which makes both bench and table highly compatible with other outdoor furniture in various settings. The aluminum frame comes in two colours - Anthracite Black and Hunter Green.

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Lise Sunchair

This foldable sunchair is perfect for a daytrip to the beach, an open-air concert or an evening around the campfire. The frame is crafted from strong galvanized steel while the fabric is made of Skagerak’s water and dirt repellant Barriere textile. The fabric is available with or without the horizontal stripes, in dark blue or black colours.

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Mira Chair & Armchair, Slate Grey

Mira is a stackable chair with a light but strong surface made by an expanded metal mesh. Although it is no easy chair, Mira is certainly easy on the eye. Easy to stack. Easy to combine and easy to love. The new slate grey colour has a tinge of azure which is also found in the material slate, best known from roof-constructions on churches and houses.

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Picnic Table and Stool

It is not without reason this table is named Picnic. By bending the legs towards the middle, you can fold down both halves of the table easily and bring it with you. The stools are stackable and the round seat is resting on four legs mirrored on each in a versatile design. Made from powder coated aluminum, the Picnic series is light but sturdy, and the Picnic table even comes with a small handle on the table top.

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